HxGN Emendate – Innovative optimization

The innovative Generative Design technology was originally spun off as AMendate GmbH, but was then acquired by Hexagon and incorporated as HxGN Emendate in its product portfolio. The underlying technology is now part of MSC Apex Generative Design and further integrations of cooperation partners.

MSC Apex Generative Design is the fully automated Generative Design solution built on the versatile algorithms of HxGN Emendate technology. It exploits all the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn features of MSC Software's CAE framework while employing the innovative generative design engine in the background. Thus, it dramatically decreases the effort required in the design optimization workflow and enables a lightweight design on a new level: Create bionic, ideal part designs perfectly adapted to their requirements in a fraction of the common time.

Designed from the user-perspective, the software lives up to all of an engineer needs:

  • Simplicity: No expert knowledge required for conducting optimizations
  • Automated design: Almost automatically generate multiple smoothed design candidates that all satisfy the design criteria while minimizing the weight
  • Direct output: Export geometry that can be directly manufactured and used immediately without manual re-work
  • Tailored for Additive Manufacturing: The software directly creates bionic shaped geometries that are perfectly adapted for 3D printing

Combining these benefits and the high automation level leads to a very time-efficient optimization where the result can be directly transferred to a common CAD file for an optimal CAD/CAM integration to be used in the company's standard technical data workflow. In a unique way, a part is generated within a short time, optimally adapted to the loads while reducing the use of material. With only one software in one fluid, integrated optimization workflow.

From CAD to CAD in a few hours! New designs with new, innovative software.



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