OptiAMix - Multi-target-optimized and automated product design for addtive manufacturing in product development process

BMBF Project OptiAMix

The collaborative project OptiAMix, funded by the BMBF, was initiated for multi-target optimized and continuously automated component development for additive manufacturing processes in the product development process. To accelerate the spread of additive manufacturing in the industrial environment, the process capability, the economic efficiency and the reliability of the processes has to be improved. To solve these challenges, the companies Krause DiMaTec, EDAG Engineering, Hirschvogel Tech Solutions, INTES and WP Kemper as well as the Direct Manufacturing Research Center conducted collaborative research and developed solutions to overcome existing barriers.

Rear wing bracket Wing3D

For the optimization of a rear wing bracket, the research results were used to produce a high-quality, application object. For this purpose, the Wing3D rear wing bracket developed by EDAG Engineering was manufactured from aluminum using the SLM process.

The rear wing bracket has an integrated hydraulic system that allows the rear wing to be adjusted continuously between 6° and 42°. This allows the realization of a rear wing setting adapted to the driving situation and an aerodynamic braking function. A 3D printed plain bearing insert reduces friction and enables maintenance- free kinematics. In addition, the cabling for the integrated taillight and a sensor cable have been integrated into the rear wing bracket. The high degree of functional integration and the complex, bionic shape could only be realized using additive manufacturing. In addition, the geometry created a lightweight design that simultaneously withstands the high mechanical loads of the application. An aerodynamic and visually appealing, high-quality design could also be realized and optimized by an elaborate finishing process.

The rear wing bracket is designed in such a way that it can be offered for small series production for sports vehicles factory- supplied or as an aftersales part. The Wing3D thus combines lightweight design, active aerodynamics, function integration and a visually appealing design with the aid of additive manufacturing.


The project was funded by

  • EDAG Engineering
  • WP Kemper
  • Hirschvogel Tech Solutions
  • Krause DiMaTec, INTES
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch

Key research area Sustainable Materials, Processes and Products