Testing technologies / Services

Due to the structure of the DMRC, the researchers have access to a wide range of testing technologies. In addition to measuring devices in the laboratory of the DMRC, the testing equipment of the participating departmens can be used. Measurements as a service may also be carried out. Contact us!



Universal testing machines are used to determine mechanical properties such as tensile strength or elongation at break of plastic or metal specimens. Static or dynamic material testing can be performed at the DMRC.


With optical measurement systems surface roughness or geometrical dimensions can be determined without contact.


By means of a measuring system such as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), it is possible to determine geometrical dimensions.


Physical testing technologies such as determiniation of the Melt Volume Rate (MVR) or measuring the viscosity using a rheometer.

Due to the structure of the DMRC, it is possible to use the test equipment of the involved chairs.