Performing cutting-edge research and innovation does not only require a band of excellent researchers, it also presupposes an appropriate laboratory, which is equipped with a variety of the latest manufacturing technologies and modern measurement devices. To fulfil this task, the DMRC provides in total a vast number of industrial relevant manufacturing machines from six different technologies and material types. This capacity is enriched by a large number of mechanical, optical, geometrical and physical measurement equipment.

This equipment will continuously be updated and expanded depending on the technological developments. The DMRC has e.g. invested into test rigs to investigate further aspects of the future electro mobility, into an optical scanning head for the coordinate measurement machine, and further equipment for the preparation of our test specimens. In the DMRC laboratory we always strive to provide latest research results on state-of-the-art machines.

In addition, the DMRC can utilise all equipment, which is available at the chairs at the Paderborn University that work together in the
DMRC. This chair equipment comprises a very wide field of different testing machines, microscopes, test rigs and even computer tomography.

Summarizing this, the total accessible equipment opens the opportunity for the DMRC partners to get access to a very wide spectrum of different additive manufacturing machines and testing equipment. To get an overview about the manufacturing machines and the testing equipment, which is installed in the DMRC, please check the next pages. The additional equipment of the chairs is listed in the section “Chairs and Institutes”.

Get detailed information about the equipment here.