DMRC Membership

Being part of a network often provides benefits and possibilities that cannot be obtained individually. We believe that therefore – besides fundamental and applied research – the DMRC provides an excellent network. At its core, this network is formed by a research community that is comprised of technology leading industrial partners representing all disciplines along the value chain of Additive Manufacturing. That way our research results are based on the needs of experienced AM users. The results then are utilized or commercialized by the industry partners. The network furthermore allows our industry partners to benefit from both, the commonly researched knowledge, and the collaboration within the DMRC stakeholder network. Performing pre-competitive research, being preferred partner in publicly funded projects or exchanging knowledge about cutting-edge research finding sand innovations are just a few points our partners benefit from.

Advantages of a membership:

  • Benefit from collaboratively financed research and leverage you own research funds (short- to mid-term goals)
  • Collaborate in publicly funded research projects (long term goals)
  • Cooperate with recognised AM-Experts from industry and academia
  • Get access to our state of the art of production & test equipment - use the DMRC as „extended workbench“
  • All our partners can promote student theses over the DMRC. These will be supervised by the DMRC staff.
  • Recruit qualified employees which are experts in additive manufacturing (Students / Scientific Staff / PHD‘s)
  • We are a solution provider offering a flexible and interdisciplinary structure
  • Benefit from over 10 years of experience in additive manufacturing & get access to our knowledge base