Design and drive technology in an AM-optimized modular drive

Technology (KAt) are electromechanical drive technology and design aspects in additive manufacturing processes. In the research project “KAtAMaran” (“Design and drive technology in an AM-optimized modular drive”), a modular multi-motor drive system (short: MMDS) is being developed as a research platform that exhibits the design freedom of additive manufacturing and the advantages of function integration. The modularity of the system offers the possibility of implementing and investigating a wide variety of drive concepts, so that the innovations in design and drive technology and the research topics of the KAt are combined in one demonstrator.


Due to the freedom in terms of materials and design, additive manufacturing in this project enables improved implementation of active principles while at the same time complying with design rules and geometric tolerances, e.g. in the following areas:

  • Vibration damping
  • Heat transfer
  • Electromagnetic flux control
  • Fluid transport


Application- and load-oriented design of gearbox housings achieved through function integration and the degrees of freedom offered by additive manufacturing processes:

  • Integrated damping structures
  • Cooling close to contour
  • Minimal use of materials
  • Self-supporting surfaces